Toddler Program

A few toddlers enjoying our playground.

A few toddlers enjoying our playground.

Our toddler program provides full-time care for children from 18 months to 3 years old.

We provide lunch and two snacks daily to our toddlers, as well as whole milk. Our lunches are made from scratch every day on-site, and follow the nutrition guidelines outlined by the Government of Nova Scotia. You can see those guidelines here.

A typical day at our Centre gives toddlers developmentally appropriate activities that help nurture their cognition, socialization, self-care, communication, gross and fine motor skills, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

A typical day in our toddler room: 

  • The day starts with drop-off and play time. The toddlers love our sand and water tables and make great use of them in the mornings!
  • Around 9:30 am, we have snack time.
  • Around 10 am, if weather permits, we head out for a walk. We are lucky to be located within walking distance of three local playgrounds, and though we do have a play area on-site, we visit our local playgrounds almost every day! We’ll also go out exploring around the duck pond, looking at seasonal decorations, or sliding in the snow. We ask that your child comes well prepared for walking and cooler weather.
  • Once we’re back at the daycare, we have lunch, and then a nap.
  • After nap time we have a snack, and we often go outdoors again. We also have story time, craft time, and free play time. We also assist with toilet training throughout the day.
  • Then, it’s play time again until parents arrive for pickup.
Where our toddlers keep all their things!

Where our toddlers keep all their things!

Ways we promote your toddler’s development:

  • Caring and positive support and learning from long-term staff
  • Nutritionally sound lunches and snacks
  • A variety of toys at easy reach, including blocks and building toys, tactile toys, art supplies, dress-up costumes, tents, books, puppets, toys for pretend play, and tabletop toys
  • A quiet space for toddlers to rest and recharge
  • Outdoor walks, activity, and playground time every day
  • Regular excursions into our community
  • Social and group skills and development

For more information about registering, or to book a tour, please contact us.