These testimonials have been provided to us by parents with children at our Centre. To add your own testimonial, please email us!

Scissors“The staff in the toddler room at Prince Albert Road are very caring and nurturing with the children. My son comes home singing songs that he learned at daycare and seems to enjoy these activities very much.”  –R.B., parent of two-year-old

“My family’s experience at Victoria Children’s Centre has been top-notch. I found searching for child care very stressful, and was so relieved to find such great care so close to home! The staff are very professional, kind, and supportive, and I appreciate that the turnover has been very low. My son loves all the activities, toys, and friends he gets to experience every day — especially his outings to all the local playgrounds!” –H.M., parent of three-year-old

“We are so grateful to the staff at the Victoria Children’s Centre. They are committed, experienced, and enthusiastic. I know that my daughter is eating well, staying active, and socializing with her peers in a very positive and stimulating environment. It feels so great to drop her off and see her immediately absorbed in coloured bubbly water play, unique painting projects, tissue paper crafts, or whatever the staff have got on the go, bright and early! Or to pick her up when they are playing outside, laughing and having fun. I see her cooperating with her peers — or not — and how well the staff handle both cases.” –J.R., parent of three-year-old

“My children love everything about Victoria Children’s Centre. The staff are professional, caring and engaged. As a parent I appreciate that there is low staff turnover because I feel having the same teachers consistently has allowed my children to feel safe and secure. Each day my children are eager to tell me what they’ve done that day, whether it be learning a new song or about a trip to the local library or park.” –R.T., parent of three-year-old and two-year-old